Last weekend Angie and I were lucky enough to be guests on a trip to visit some of her family in Hurst, Texas. For those unfamiliar, it's close to Fort Worth and Dallas. I was told not to mistake the two as Fort Worth folk don't claim Dallas and vice versa. The trip was packed with events which included a tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, local popular eateries, wineries, a concert at Billy Bobs, and a small local brewery festival which I can't stop thinking about.

Jerry spared no expense on that stadium. Originally planned to cost slightly over $600M, with the city of Arlington paying for half and Jerry covering the rest, the final cost surged to $1.2B!!! I took too many pictures to post, so I'll just include some of the pics people may not expect to see in a football stadium.

The last picture is the ENORMOUS screen hanging above the field from the center of the 50 yard line. 

As I mentioned before we also went to a small festival put on by Rahr & Sons Brewery. For those familiar with St. Louis breweries, Rahr & Sons is about half the size of Schlafly Brewing Co., with annual sales around 15K barrels. There are FEW things I like more in life than good beer combined with good music and good company. And this place had all three qualifiers.

The brewery was able to make quite the comeback after a snowstorm caused a collapse of the good portion of their building.

And of course we had to do the brewery tour! Unlike the Anhueiser-Busch tour, which I've been on many times, this tour was directed by one of the owners... and the tour all took place in one spot. That's him in the chicken-hat.

So if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend checking out the brewery. Texas de Brazil made some mean food so go there too. And if you like margarita's check out Joe T. Garcia's. And go to the Grapevine area for some amazing wineries... Can you tell I enjoyed the trip?