beauty in simple things

I found this console table on my favorite online shopping site and was excited to see the $20 asking price. When I picked it up, the entire table had this worn, cracked finish that you can see above. I had originally planned to sand down and paint the entire table, but that distressed look started to grow on me. So I grabbed a sample size container of Tangerine Tango paint (you got me Pantone) and just painted the inner bottom surface and two inner sides. I painted the upper inside surface white to help reflect light onto the brightly-colored surfaces. Once I finished the inside I decided I'd let it sit for a few days and see if I still had any interest in doing the outside... Nope. The cracked outer finish resembling distressed wood with the black steel hair-pin legs and and bright color on the inside all seem to work perfectly together. Such a simple table that I like so much.

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