making fire from light

We recently released a group of new lighting products at work. A pretty awesome group if I must say so myself. This group included the 40" diameter fixture you can see above. We're having difficulty getting quality parts from the spinning company, but this isn't all bad news (for me at least). We were left with several parts to scrap so I scooped one up and threw it in my car to haul home. This thing is massive. If it were ANY larger I doubt I could have thrown it in my hatchback. Anyway, I had originally planned to get it painted and complete the part as a light fixture, replacing the ceiling fan in my living room. After some thought, I decided not to go through with that plan. It's so large that even in my living room with vaulted ceilings it might look out of place. And I definitely didn't want to block any light coming in the skylights. So on to Plan B:

My back patio was in desperate need of a fire pit. It already had the perfect paver layout for one. All it took to install was digging up some mulch that was in the way, dropping this guy in and filling it with a ton of rock (scavenged from the front patio) and topped with the same white marble rock along the patio perimeter to get the fire surface about 6" from the top. I'm hoping that will help keep the heat from doing damage to the piece.

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