hidden treasures

Since I'm a bit late starting this blog I'm just going to post a bunch of stuff I've found/restored (all from craigslist) to play catch up.

This dresser was something I couldn't pass up. I started throwing money at my screen the minute I saw it, but nothing happened! It's still one of my favorite CL finds to this day. Incredible wood-work and detail. I couldn't find any markings or company names to track it's origin and the sweet old lady I bought it from was oblivious to the info as well. Any ideas?

I was able to get a pair of these vintage orange-leather upholstered Eames shell chairs from an estate sale that was posted on CL. Neither were in great shape so I sold one and did the best I could at restoring the fiberglass shell on the one I kept with a rigorous sanding and many coats of penetrol.

I had to argue, lie, and use a fake name to land these Bertoia knock-off's for $200. 

On a side-note this pic was taken in my basement, which was our first big painting project. I wanted something dark for the man-cave. Something bar-ish. Something manly. Something made by Disney. The color is galaxy-black from the Disney paint collection. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's literally the same color as staring up into the clear night sky far from any city lights. If I had to describe it I'd have to say it's black with a slight green-blue tint.

Blue-upholstered Herman Miller DCM chair for a measly $60. Not much of a story here. Standard CL transaction. 

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