move in day!

We closed on the house January 27, 2011. As we took the last load from the apartment we sadly said goodbye to the place we called home for almost 5 years... Just kidding! I packed up as fast as possible, squealed the tires out of that parking lot and gave them a farewell finger. That place was MISERABLE. But that's a another long story. Onward and upward, right?

So upon arrival to the new place I ran inside to take some quick "before" pictures before we threw our stuff everywhere. So without further ado... here ya go (in no particular order). Please excuse the noisy, cool-toned pictures. All I had available to take pictures with (and still) was an iPhone.

Laundry room right inside side entrance. Gas hook-up for dryer.

Kitchen was recently remodeled. Also, new windows throughout the house all with almond-color framing...WHY?!

Kitchen from living room. Those cabinets are going to need some handles.

Living room from kitchen. Paint the fireplace and mantle? And again with the almond windows...

Front door and window in living room.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Master bedroom

Cramped master bath

Main floor bath

Basement sink... outside the bathroom. So I can make sure you wash your hands?

Basement closet

Basement bath

Storage room/soon to be shop

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