magic plan

If there's one phone app I would highly recommend to ANY homeowner, it would be Magic Plan. The simple fact that you can easily get an accurate drawing of your floor plan for free with very little effort FROM YOUR PHONE shows how far technology has come.

The app is very easy to use with instructional videos built right in.

Once you've finished, it can send you a PDF, JPEG, or even a DXF (for you CAD folks) to your email.

Even before calibrating the app, the thing is pretty accurate. Even the auto-correct features work quite seamlessly. Check out the app if you have any interest in remodeling, reorganizing, or simply knowing wall lengths for paint, furniture, etc. Ever been out looking at furniture and knew exactly where you wanted to put it, but wasn't sure how it would fit. Now you have that info. On your phone. In your pocket. You'll love it.

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